Medical Shift Scheduling in the
palm of your hand

Have you ever
thought how much
shift scheduling management
can grow?


GoShift is a digital shift scheduling scales management platform for healthcare institutions, focusing on optimizing the management of gaps holes in doctors' shifts schedules and filling quickly and effectively these gaps them with other professionals, ensuring increased productivity and reduced costs for the institution.

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Reduced costs up to 60%

Increased in sales revenue

+ 3 thousand active doctors

+ 200 thousand managed shift schedules




Real-time Analytics Management dashboard



Gap filling and opportunities



Shift schedule planning facility



 Control of attendance and scheduling conflicts



 Productivity and team engagement



Organization of shift schedules scales by selecting the best candidates through
Artificial Intelligence

escalas medicas

at GoShift

Schedule and full view of next appointments.

Team switch

Access to shift schedules in real time.

Alerts for new opportunities.

Sign up for new opportunities.

 Synchronization with personal calendar.

Our goal is to connect doctors and health organizations

by eliminating gaps in the medical schedule and relocating professionals to new shifts.



  • Gaps in the schedule.
  • Bureaucracy and lack of control.
  • Manual and time consuming process.
  • Loss on sales revenue.
  • Increased costs.
  • Inadequate management



  • Eliminates gaps in the medical schedule.
  • Facilitates shift schedule planning and work fluidity.
  • Optimizes time and money with greater coverage.
  • Brings communication between professionals and the institution closer.
  • Eliminates scheduling conflicts, empty spaces and warns about shift switch
  • Total real-time control of doctors’ attendance.

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