RedFox portfolio of digital solutions has projects developed for customers recognized in important technical areas.

Each of our cases went through a process of strategic creation from Agile Methodology and intelligent sprint deliveries of sprints. This way, customers were able to follow up the stages and participate in the solution development to reach a satisfactory result of digital transformation.


Management Product Intelligence (MPI) is a workflow solution designed for Dasa in order to accelerate the processes of medical exams implantation and data control. The system improves process view, enabling the identification where a specific task was finished and who is responsible for every stage.

Dasa’s Commercial Simulator is a solution that enables allows the commercial team to manage and implement all commercial contracts in a fast and intelligent way. Using intelligent algorithms, it is possible to simulate optimal scenarios for greater gains in commercial negotiations.

The Medical Shift Management solution was customized for Fleury Group to organize doctors' schedules and optimize the shift planning. It helps to reschedule the shifts to increase the number of patients a doctor can see and meet patient needs, generating easy agenda visualization, team switch, time schedule and event changes.

The Contract Management solution was developed to meet Órigo Energia's need forof accelerating negotiations to generate more results in the commercial workflow. The team is able to have more control of the processes using stages of validation and monitoring the main KPIs, improving communication with customers. All management started to be done on the platform.

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