Turn data into

We generate data at all time. From the displacement by the city and the sites that we visit to the options of payment that we use, all our actions can be cataloged.

Collecting and dealing with this myriad of data is the big challenge. Boostr processes and analyzes these large volumes of people and companies, identifies opportunities and trends, and delivers predictive and descriptive analyzes.

it works

Gathering &

We collect and process databases of any nature or size, easily and quickly.

Handling & Treatment

We use Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence rules and functionalities to handle and unify several data.

Modeling &

We develop highly accurate models of intelligence making it possible to perform predictive, prescriptive and descriptive analyzes.

Results & Implementation

We believe in tangible results, so we make your company data-driven, through smart metering.

Artificial Intelligence

We have developed intelligent algorithms that require less and less human interaction to transform data into valuable results.

Data Mining and Processing

Our infrastructure and our intelligent algorithms allow the extraction and processing of structured and unstructured data without volume limits.

Safe Environment

We ensure secure data transmission using encryption and SSL. In addition to anonymizing, our solutions have a distributed architecture and immune to opportunism.

Data Engineering

Our database infrastructure is highly scalable. With state-of-the-art technology and distributed storage, we optimize and facilitate the necessary operations.

We know how valuable your data is, so we invite you: turn this value into utility for your business! Schedule a meeting with us.